How to Organize Your Garage

Do want your garage organized so you can find the tools you need easily and be able to get to the gardening tools quickly without having to move a ton of stuff? We have some easy and inexpensive ways de-clutter your garage. Once you are finished de-cluttering and organizing your garage, you will be able to put your car in it.


First off we know that we have to go through every thing. That's the hard part. Once you decide to declutter your garage, you have to decide what to keep, what to throw away and what to donate or have a yard sale to make a little extra money. Once you have gone through and decided what to keep, it's time to put it back together. When you clean your garage, it is important to group like things together. For example, keep all the gardening supplies together, tools together, etc. Keep the items that you use the most stored on the front of the shelves.

Items such as Holiday decorations can be stored overhead to keep them out of the way since you only use them for a short time. Bicycles and sports equipment needs to be stored as as to have easy access. Depending on what your needs are will dictate what you need to organize your garage. Do you have lots of sports equipment, gardening tools or just tools?

There are specific organizing items for all of your needs. Any garage shelving or storage organization items should be sturdy enough to safely hold any boxes. I would not recommend using plastic shelving if your boxes are heavy. The weight of the boxes could bow or break any lightweight shelving. There are lots of garage organizing specialty items that will keep your garage decluttered for years to come.

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